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PR XXXVII : Flysch - Fear of Fine Sand b/w Silence of Black Rubber 1 LEFT

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New material from D. Spotts' main focus of late, Flysch. This EP continues to push the boundaries for Spotts, both in structural composition and use of abstract sound. While Flysch has always used field-recordings, tape work and sustained tones, this effort abandons any obvious cassette loops and is thrust fully into concrète. This tape immediately departs from the mood of "Horizontal C.01". Subtle low-end and crowd sounds fade in and out over static outlines, mostly evoking a sense of curiosity. 'Silence of Black Rubber' almost immediately flips into chaotic textural battery. High pitched tones carry over distorted clips fighting with feedback loops. Harsh dynamic bliss spreads through this passage to the end.

A succinct yet fully satisfying listen and a new high in the Flysch catalog. Those who were lucky enough to catch Flysch on tour with Streiber this past summer can attest to this tape being an accurate snapshot of what to expect live and in work to come.

c22, 75 copies made
comes in silk-screened O-card
Prime Ruin

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