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Chlorine - Time Sleeps Again CDr

$8.00 / Sold Out

This is a CDr run of the previously released on Prime Ruin cassette, Time Seeps Again by Chlorine. ESSENTIAL listening from this crew, if you missed out the first time here is your chance.

Original PR description as follows:
Hailing from Louisville, KY, Chlorine is the incredibly addicting output of Joey Mangum and Jake Terry. These two have been on fire the last couple years with non-stop output from myriad projects: Fixate, DPCLB, The Slums of Heaven and more on their imprint Synth Punk. At a time when it feels that much of the underground is uninspired, these projects (and Chlorine especially) cut right through the murk.

Having just released their full-length "The Weight" on Popnihil, Chlorine gives it their all with Time Sleeps Again sounding instantly like it was written as an additional fully-conceptualized album. This is perhaps their most grounded of the above mentioned projects but still straddles a range of influences, blending strong New Zealand-style garage rock with US no-wave. Tracks like "Tracer" are an instant driving hit while hazy, dream-like tunes such as "Minutes" and "Think Aloud" will have you flipping this tape over again all spring. Fans of Total Control will take to this in a heartbeat--this is the feeling of finding your new favorite band.

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